Michael Li Preti logo.
Black Balenciaga sunglasses resting on shiny white surface with chunky green chain draped over bright blue astroturf.



FLARE Magazine fall/winter 2014 women's fashion trend report layout.

Pair of shiny gold women's dress shoes being worn on hands above a marble tabletop.

Collection of micro beauty products: nail polish, highlighter compact, fragrance, mascara, makeup sponges, eye pencil, and lipstick.

FLARE Magazine layout of a 2015 timeline of important pop cultural moments.

FLARE Magazine layout of 8 Canadian multi-hyphenates.

FLARE Magazine layout of an online dating while on vacation feature.

Two pairs of camel coloured Chanel cap toe slingback shoes side by side, with a black stripe lined up along the edge of the cap toe.
FLARE Magazine layout of a Chanel baseball cap.

Female model in a wide-legged stance, crossing her arms over her chest. She's wearing a cropped blue satin jacket with white arm detailing and wide-legged cream pants. She's standing on a taupe backdrop.
FLARE Magazine Vejas feature layout.

Five red lipsticks lined up side by side, alternating in direction.

A collection of blue, red, and white beauty products on a blue tabletop with a red backdrop.

FLARE Magazine pop art-inspired fashion market page.

Female model standing on a blue background wearing an oversized graphic black and white sweater with black trackpants with white pipe detailing.
Orange Missoni shoe with a heel made of multiple colourful rods and coordinating coloured stripes shooting out from underneath the heel on a white backdrop.

FLARE Magazine layout of 5 models ruling the runway.

FLARE Magazine horoscope layout with a photo collage of Zendaya as Greek god Astraea in the clouds.

FLARE Magazine layout of a matching sets feature with runway image examples.

FLARE Magazine layout of the Beckerman twins trying out Jeremy Scott's first Moschino collection.

FLARE Magazine nude beauty product layout.