Michael Li Preti logo.
Male model standing in matching Gucci tracksuit and striped button-down shirt.




GIF of three detail images of a male model: brown suit jacket lapel, brown dress shoes, and a watch.
Close-up of a metal IWC watch with gold-toned hands.
Male model sitting on boulder in Las Vegas desert, wearing matching Burberry button-down shirt and pants.
Several brown dress shoes.

Sharp Magazine layout of Ini Archibong feature.

GIF of a male model posing.

Black and white portrait of Cillian Murphy.

Dress pants draped on a wooden chair and large vase.

GIF of a male model posing.

A male model from behind, wearing three different crossbody bags resting on his back.

Male model in a grey patterned suit, poking through green curtains.

Sharp Magazine layout of Jeffrey Charles feature.

Four watches laying flat, side by side.

Male model wearing a dress shirt and pants, leaning on a ledge outdoors in the sun, in black and white.

Sharp Magazine cover featuring Cillian Murphy.

Male model in tonal green outfit, zipping up his green shearling jacket.

Sam Rockwell in a colourful suit balancing on one leg while leaning forward and reaching towards the ground.

GIF of three belt images, styled on top of and around a vase, a jug, and a decorative porcelain dog.

Portrait of Cillian Murphy.

Sharp Magazine layout of a macro photography of a Cartier watch.

Las Vegas desert through the windshield of a red convertible, with a male model wearing sunglasses, visible in the rear view mirror while driving.