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Male model wearing a tan Gucci suit, his foot propped up and his arm resting on his knee.




Sharp Magazine layout of western Canada wild fire feature.

Sharp Magazine layout of western Canada wild fire feature.

Portrait of Steven Yeun blocking his face with his hands.
Male model in a white tracksuit standing on top of a bar with vibrant red walls.

Male model sitting down, staring away from camera, wearing a cozy warm mustard-coloured sweater.

Sharp Magazine layout of Ricky Gervais feature.

Model wearing a patterned shirt with his hands on his hips.

Male model wearing a brown jacket and black pants, turned around walking away while standing on a sheet of plywood with two leafy branches standing in front of him.

Sharp Magazine layout of cannabis feature.

Black and white portrait of male model looking away in white dress shirt and white Louis Vuitton leather harness.

Sharp Magazine layout of Steven Yeun feature.

GIF of male model posing.

Portrait of male model wearing a shearling jacket, looking down towards the ground.